India is full of talent. talent to grow wings and fly, it needs to be identified and nurtured. children realise their potential at the right time, they are able to take better career related decisions. Herein, ATSE plays important role of helping identify hidden genius and give them the suitable support.

What ATSE Do

  • ATSE is a National level Scholarship Exam in which students of class 5 to 12 can participate and win cash award on basis of rank scored in his/her class group

  • IDENTIFY By appearing in the ATSE exam, students and their parents get an idea of the student’s strengths.

  • MOTIVATE Certificates and awards boost the confidence of youngsters and they feel motivated to work in the right direction.

  • SAFETY from covid-19 is top most priority of ATSE so with ATSE Student do not need to visit any exam center.


National Level
Scholarship Exam Conducted Every Year
4lac +
Registered Student
60lac +
Prize Distributed
Total ATSE Exam conducted since 2018
Students Registered in ATSE 2018 Exam
Students Registered in ATSE 2020 Exam
Students Registered in ATSE 2019 Exam
Students Registered in ATSE 2021 Exam

ATSE Winner's Gallery